Awards & Achievements

Haresh Agencies has been recognised by many laurels through the HPCL. The company is been outstanding in the eyes of the consumer. Haresh Agencies is the largest distributor of HPCL in the whole Maharashtra region and has gained immense amount of reputation over the years and recognised as important part of the petroleum industry. 

We strongly believe in keeping our customers happy & providing those products at a very competent discounted price with prompt Delivery Service. We consider our 50 years Experience and Goodwill, spanning 3 generations, in the Petroleum dealership business serving customers all over Maharashtra & Gujarat as our greatest assets.Today Haresh Agencies has a full network of Office Premises / Management Staff / Sales Staff/ Office Staff/ Tankers/ Distribution Staff who are handling and running the Makhija Group of Companies successfully since last 50 years. We reckon the HPCL Dealership is the “Crowning Glory” to our family business of Petroleum dealerships over 3 generations and 8 decades and it will be our endeavour to be ‘Nummer Eins’ i.e. No.1 within the HPCL Dealership Network in India.